Remotely Clear Mobile Safari Cache / History

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Is there a way of remotely clearing Mobile Safari Cache / History.

We have Safari locked, so students cannot clear the History on the device (so if they are browsing where they should not we have their History data).

BUT, there are sites that come up restricted, and after we whitelist the site, the iPads still come up with the restricted site screen. Typically because it has been cached on the iPad. So I would like to clear the Cache on the iPad remotely, but I do not see any commands in JAMF to do so.


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We are having the same issue. We can't unlock the "Clear Cache".

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Did you have any luck with this? I'm having the same issue.

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I would also like this feature. If you had any luck please share.

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All our students know how to delete Safari history even though we block the delete option... I've got a video of one of our students doing that... If you want websites that you whitelisted to work properly, you'll need to push out your profile restricting websites again to all of the devices... and you have to make sure that each device received this new modified profile