remotely un-install iOS 10 apps?

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Good afternoon!

Anyone have a script or can point me in the direction of a way to "uninstall" stock iOS 10 apps. I'd like to remove Home, News, Tips, Find Friends.


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Hi @ccerrudo ,

Unfortunately we don't have as much control of iOS as we do over OS X so there is currently no possibility of running scripts on iOS.

The good news is however, we can achieve what you are after with Casper. We don't actually uninstall or delete the apps but instead we hide them. The way to do this is with a Configuration Profile that has a Restrictions payload. Under Restrictions, on the Applications tab there is a section called "Restrict App Usage (supervised only)." From here you can pick the Apps that you want to hide. Once deployed, the specified Apps will no longer be visible on the scoped iOS devices. As you can see, this is only available for Supervised iOS devices.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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You may be able to do this via a Configuration Profile.

I haven't tried this, but looks like it would work :)


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Thanks for the tips - I'm trying them now, and will keep you posted!


I have been testing this and like Pat said, it just hides the apps. I haven't tried apps that have the ability to invoke opening via URL yet to see if it launches them anyway or not. (Kinda like hiding preference panes but still being able to open them via the menu)