Remove a users Microsoft Remote Desktop Plist

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A user is having issues connecting to Microsoft Remote Desktop on a particular mac. They can login fine from another mac.

How can I delete the plist on the mac that isn't working please almost reset the Remote Desktop settings.

I have ARD available, but me not knowing too much about how to resolve it via terminal is the issue and I could do with someone's guidance.


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@g1za I'm going to point you to an article written by @bentoms on how to install RDC 8 on a Mac. In it he explains where Microsoft is now putting the plist: in the Containers folder structure.

Create RDC 8 Connection

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Hate when I hit Post too soon.....

What I was going to say is that you could send an rm command via ARD and remove the directory where the plist lives. So:

rm -rf /Users/<userhome>/Library/Containers/