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I was interested in a training course due to this skill being in demand in a job description.

I have now found another job which does not need that jamf skill.

Therefore i would like to delete my account.

When navigating around in my account, i do not find such a "remove account" button, neither do i find this by googling the subject.
Please can somebody help me with this?

Out of of curiosity why does it not exist? I could be wrong of course, i maybe overlooked it but it seems not. 

Thanks in advance,



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Try email They may be able to help. 

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Community Manager

Thanks @Tribruin ! Yes, @bunesrg you can contact success or if you'd like to delete your Jamf Nation account, you can find these under your profile settings. 

Please visit My profile > My settings > Personal to view your personal information or close your account.  

Even after closing your Jamf Nation account, you may occasionally receive communication from Jamf.  If you would like to be removed from all Jamf marketing, please unsubscribe here.

If you have any other questions about your personal information, please visit our Privacy page or reach out to"