Remove Self Service but keep connected to Jamf

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I have a couple of student MacMini's and I don't want them to install anything so they don't have admin permissions but I also don't want them to use the Self Service.

I know I can exclude these student MacMini's from all the policies that are available through the Self Service but that is a hassle... I have a script that, after enrollment, deleted the app in the application folder but it looks like the app keeps on coming back..?

Is it true that maybe a recon or check-in automatically puts back the self service application?




Yes I believe it will self heal at each check in

A "quick fix" could be using restricted software targeted to those machines:

A more thorough approach will be to stop deploying it automatically and perform a specific policy and scope for deploying the app:

Choose your own adventure :)

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Ah..! Thanks! Will try the restricted software!