Remove Web Clips iOS

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Is there a way to remove web clips that have been created by users via an mdm command/profile?

My issue is we have locked our student iPads so that they cannot remove apps from their devices, primarily so that they can't delete our filtering app. However, they still have the ability to create web clips, so some of our students have cluttered their iPads with web clips that now cannot be removed, since the profile treats web clips like apps.

I know I could just hide the web clips, so that they couldn't be seen by the students, but then this would hide any of the web clips that we have specifically pushed out.

I would really like to be able to send a command to remove web clips from a device, then have our district web clips just be resent to the device.

Also, is there a way to restrict web clips being created on the device? Remove the "Send to Home Screen" option"


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Same issue here ...
Would like to restrict the "Send to Home Screen"-Option in Safari...

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Same problem here, is there any update on this?

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Was there ever a solution to this? Having the same problem.

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Same Issue here, looking for an update. I'm having to disable the profile containing layout restrictions to remove the webclip from the iPad, then enable restrictions again.  

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Same issue here, any updates?

either the ability to use layout config but and app not listed can be moved/deleted/removed to app library, or to restrict the option in Safari to begin with.

Same Issue here, any updates?