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I definitely feel like the quality of communication and support has gone down hill. Once upon a time we even had a dedicated "JAMF Buddy" who was a direct support link to the company. Now they probably have 10x the customers and MANY very basic feature requests that have been "under review" for 5+ years while they continue to add semi functional bells and whistles.

I also am a fan of the product, but I think they are a victim of their own success.

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I'm feeling the reverse. I appreciate the help I receive when needed. We have a Success Manager (Maybe the same as Jamf Buddy?) who touches base from time to time and has been very helpful. Have you tried discussing this with your Success Manager?

I also really appreciate this forum. In fact this forum is one of the things that impressed me before we even signed up.

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Last time we had a major issue, I gave the phone support a shot. Took me some time to get through, but the issue was solved in about one hour, once I could reach an technician (which took around 30 minutes).

We are affected of some PIs, most of them aren't critical. But we had one which we reported a few times, case got closed with nearly no reaction as the query we had to use on the DB didn't solve it. Now (the same PI, as I aim for a clean logfile and doing that step by step) this issue is in engineering for around one month (without any response).

What I also have seen is, that support technicians aren't at jamf for long anymore, atleast it feels like this in Europe - we had some tickets where we had to do all the processes again because the technician has changed as the other one left jamf. Double work isn't nice, but better then nothing. Also my colleague with the macbook with issues is also very busy - here I have to say it's nice that jamf doesn't say "hey you havent responded for XY Days a few times, is it really that important?".

Also there a lots of feature requests open, which are under review or planned for years, which would have improved a lot of situations. Thinking about clustering SQL, newer Tomcat Versions, ....

Regarding all these points there was also a big thread some time ago https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/discussions/29768/am-i-the-only-person-that-has-8-open-cases-with-jamf-support - after that all improved a bit. Back then we were asked what they could improve regarding Feature Requests aswell - nothing happened on the ones we mentioned, as far as I remember.

I post here with my private account with intention, as this is my private opinion and insight.

Some links:
https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/statuses/planned (The oldest ones are 9 and 8 years old, some of 2016, and some newer ones; total 33)
https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/statuses/under-review (Total 714. The most popular one is still here..)


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Yes, I agree that when there is a specific issue, I am able to get support and the issue does get handled in a reasonable time (last time it happened was when the DB needed to be upgraded for support). My comments above are more in regard to the features and general feel of the company.