Removing activation lock/find my iPhone on a dead iPad

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I have an iPad that will not turn on and I'm trying to create a repair in GSX to get it replaced but they won't let me complete the repair because "Find My iPhone is active" which is probably the generic warning for "your MDM has enabled activation lock". How do I turn this off if I can power on the iPad?


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Do you know which email account it was logged into icloud that enabled it?


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If the iPad is dead, you can raise a support request with AppleCare and mention that Activation Lock being active is preventing a repair being created (this is entirely true, by the way, it will). Apple will insist on seeing proof of purchase to verify ownership, but you can also submit a screenshot of the iPad in ASM/ABM to them if you don't have that anymore and that will suffice as proof of ownership. It takes a few days and then it'll be deactivated. 

If it's tied to a known Apple ID that you can log-in to, you can log-in to with that Apple ID and disable Activation Lock from there.

If it will power on, then you should be able to find the Activation Lock bypass code and enter that into the 'Password' field if the device has been restored, or just push an MDM command to remove Activation Lock if you can get it onto Wi-Fi.

Let me know if I can help further with that or if you would like me to go over anything 😊