Removing all classes at once

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Does anyone have a way of deleting all Classes in Casper at once? We imported from Apple school manager a couple of times and now have duplicates (1,780 classes), all of which aren't formatted properly. We would like to remove all and start again.

Any ideas?


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JAMF makes a product called SIS Importer that can delete all the classes prior to an import with that tool. I still use that tool to import my Apple Classroom classes (though we want to use Apple School Manager eventually once full PowerSchool integration comes)

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I use the API for this pretty regularly.

for n ({1..100}); do curl -kvu username:password https://myjssaddress.jss:8443/JSSResource/classes/id/$n -X DELETE; done;

Replace 1..100 with your min/max classroom ids. Might take a few minutes, but usually isn't too bad.

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error in your syntax.
I had to use

for n in {1..900}

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I have managed to sync with PowerSchool and the server, but still have old records. The recent update to ASM caused another 'hiccup' in my database. I would like to remove all of the imported classes (and users). Are you willing to share the complete script?

Got it - had the best CCT instructor ever!! Found my notes and figured it out!

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Sorry to drag up an old post but i'm completely new to this API/CURL/Python stuff and it's taken me a day and a half just to get to a point of being able to use Python and get some form of a script together to delete classes, rather than post a VERY long list of steps I've created a blog containing all the steps to get this done from installing Python and installing modules to the python script I've used:

Hopefully it will help those of you who are like me and a bit new to this. It's probably not the prettiest script in the world but it works!

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sahtudec: Would you please share how you did it?