Removing JAMF Policies?

New Contributor

Bought my MacBook when I left my former employer (independent school). They made me an admin when I left but they never disabled the JAMF client on my device. I don't have terminal access and I'm wondering if there is way to disable JAMF on the device somehow.



If you're an admin, you have Terminal access.

My suggestion would be to back up your data, wipe the device and reinstall the operating system if necessary. If the Jamf management framework is still on the computer, that's the best way to ensure it's no longer managed.

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It is possible to remove JAMF. Even with locking down removing the MDM profile, SIP can be disabled and a few terminal commands later the MDM profile can be removed. However as Moose said, wipe and reload the device. Just because you remove JAMF, does not mean you removed the rest of the corporate stuff on that device.