Removing Profile Manager profiles remotetly

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Hi All

New here to the Jamf family, just looking for some direction. Prior to getting Jamf we were testing OSX Server with mixed success. Following another OSX Server failure, we started to deploy Profile Managers profiles to manage laptops. The Profile Manager profiles have caused a few glitches when running Casper, once removed, Casper performs normally. The profiles -L command

Since moving to Casper, we have had difficulty in locating assets with the original Profile Manager profiles and then being able to delete these remotely using either Casper Remote or ARD.

What would the best way forward be to reporting on the assets with the Profile Manager profile, and also then deleting it, maybe a script run in Profiles? Any direction would be great!

Any help greatly appreciated


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How many devices are we talking about?

Are you saying you can't find the assets after removing the Manual Profiles?

Do all your devices have the JAMF Pro management framework on them?

Can you use the network scanner to find devices and enroll them?


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Thanks for the update. All Mac's are enrolled within the JSS and i do have visibility an all Mac's using either Remote or ARD. Im just looking for a way to scan them to show which configuration profiles are installed and then delete the original Profile Manager Profiles