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Jamf Pro 11.4.0 Beta is now available

Hello Jamf Nation! This release is in support of the Apple Spring release. We have several exciting new features including beta MDM support for Apple Vision Pro, Self Service initial app detection, Support Digital Market Act app restriction, and more...  View more

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macOSLAPS by Jamf script

There are a number of of LAPS scripts I've seen. Joshua Roskos from Jamf has one here which seems to meet our needsmacOSLAPShttps://github.com/kc9wwh/macOSLAPS Theres been a couple of minor updates for Big Sur by mjgallhttps://github.com/kc9wwh/macOS...  View more

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Big Sur Remote Enrollment Missing Profiles

I have enrolled a computer on osx 11.4 using recon's remote enrollment. The computer now appears in my inventory (yay) and is running some policies (yay) and even launches self service (yay) But self service briefly instructs me to approve the MDM Pr...  View more

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SSO check on "login_date" via ExtAttribute script

Hi all, I'm trying to use a script, but it's not showing the correct info in Jamf and I'm not sure where is the issue with it. I thought maybe the "sudo Jamf recon" could trigger the needed info, BUT...sending the command through a Jamf policy compar...  View more

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Recon: Include home directory sizes?

Informal poll: How many of you have your JSS configured to Include home directory sizes in your Recon policy? I’m asking because my end-users are scientists with tons of data files, scripts etc in their homedirs - which causes recon jobs to run for a...  View more

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Different EA Results in JAMF than from Local Script

I am trying to identify the Apache2 version to scope systems that need an update, but I am experiencing some unexpected results. My EA script: #!/bin/sh result=`httpd -v | grep "Unix" | awk '{print $3}' | cut -f2 -d"/"` echo "$result" When I run as r...  View more

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Model Identifier Blank

I have a system that previously had good data from past inventory updates. Full hardware information. Now, suddenly, the hardware data is mostly empty. I've forced a new inventory update, but that didn't replace the information. Anyone else experienc...  View more

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Processes Hanging During Jamf Policy/Recon Run

I have a recurring issue on 4-5 machines where a Jamf policy run hangs due to another process hanging; in most cases this has been diskutil info /. Both the diskutil and jamf policy show the same approximate start time when checked. I'm presuming tha...  View more

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Computer Renaming to Default

We rename our machines at enrollment based off of a user choice in DEPNotify to see if it is a shared, primary, or test machine, SerialNumber-(S/P/T). This choice is used to easily identify a machine based on usage, as well as smart group/policy scop...  View more

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Jamf Inventory gets lost on .vmware files

We're seeing weird errors where Jamf is inventorying user directories for Applications, and when it hits vmware files, you get stuff like: "/usr/bin/du", "-sh", "/Users/username/Dropbox/Backup WD/Mac/Final/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Vi...  View more

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Adobe Illustrator 2021 lists without 2021

So I've been perplexed on why the Smart Computer Groups I made for Illustrator 2021 kept saying 0. Long story short, recon is inventorying it WITHOUT the " 2021" in the name. So without adding Like v25, in JAMF it's basically the same as the old Illu...  View more

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security recommendations for jamf recon

What can be possible security concerns I need to take care while running jamf recon for example network attack? how can I make it secure. Is there any other way to get jss computer id ?  View more

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possible list of errors in jamf recon

I want to run jamf recon command to fetch computer id through my application silently. I will not be able to use api due to admin's credential requirement: Can I get a documented list of error which I can possibly get while running jamf recon?any gui...  View more

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How do we get Jamf working?

Hi,I am hoping that someone here can assist and/or advise. Some months back we had a demo of JamfPro.It seemed like it would do everything we wanted in the demo environment, so progressed ahead to purchase. We get the live environment, do the JumpSta...  View more

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Code42 CrashPlan Extension Attributes v8.2 + 2020

Working on revamping all the EAs for Code42 CrashPlan to be compatible in 2020 version 8.2+ @jamf is there a way we can get the CrashPlan (now Code42) Templates all updated with these revised EAs? I will be updating this post in the next 24-48 hours ...  View more

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QuickAdd package enrollment doesn't work

Hi There, I'm relatively new to Jamf (I've been only managing Mobile devices so far) and I'm trying to enroll now using both user-initiated enrollment & QuickAdd package enrollment methods. Neither of them works.Basically the first let me login, asks...  View more

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Mac - assigned user randomly changing

I've noticed a strange issue where the user assigned to a Mac (under User and Location) seems to randomly change during a recon. I'm JamfCloud hosted with a JIM for LDAP connections. My Macs are not AD bound, though we do use NoMAD. I have the "Colle...  View more

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Catalina downgrade to El Capitan?

Some specific reasons, I have to downgrade my devices macOS from Catalna to El Capitan.I have 2 devices1. Macbook Pro(Mid-2015)2. Mac Mini(2018) I made a bootable USB flash with Capitan inside and can downgrade the macOS to El Capitan for Macbook. Bu...  View more

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Does Jamf inventory login keychain certificates?

I just noticed that my certificate inventory for the login keychain seems to be out of date. I'm curious if something changed (potentially with Catalina) where Jamf can no longer inventory certificates in the login keychain. Can anyone confirm whethe...  View more

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User and Location

Hello, In our organisation we have enrolled almost 1500 machines using Network Scanner from Jamf Recon app. For all those machines when we do the inventory search we don't find any information in User and Location, But when we Enroll using URL or Enr...  View more

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Differ reboot post installing Security Updates

Hi Mac Admins, Hope this email finds you well. Can you helpe me with script or any other process to differ restart post security updates are installed? Also I would like to run the inventory update if the update is installed correctly or not. By veri...  View more

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Restoring From Time Machine

Hey guys,I have 2 Macs Pro (Let's say MacA already enrolled and MacB in the scope). The user reported that MacA isn't working well, so I made a Time Machine backup of MacA, and restored in MacB.However, it showed error "Device Signature Error - A Val...  View more

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