Renew MDM Profile command is running daily

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Today I've noticed that the "Renew MDM Profile" is being ran against some of our computers really frequently.
I'm unaware of any policy in our environment that would trigger this, and 
I'm not 100% sure yet but this issue seems to be only happening on our M1 machines.


Has anyone else seen something like this in the last month or two>


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What version of Jamf Pro? What are your settings for Global Management > MDM Profile Settings? FWIW we are not seeing the same behavior here on Intel or Apple silicon Macs. 

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We're running Jamf Pro 10.34.2

MDM Profile Renewal for Computers is set for "When the built-in certificate authority is renewed" and also "180 days before the MDM profiles expires"


We'er seeing a lot of this, given we have a lot of devices. We've been having remote management issues of late, and these MDM renew profiles are pending. I removed the 180 renewal option from the above mentioned path and now it only renews when the built in CA renews..


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Was this ever resolved? Not even seeing a response from JAMF here.