Renewed Push Certificate - No Connection - How to Re-Enroll I-OS Devices?

New Contributor II

I guess I don't have a connection to our iOS devices after renewing the push certificate, because of a wrong Apple ID.

I have to re-enroll all devices, there are only 20, no problem, but the problem is, that there is a MDM Profile on the devices which I can't remove because, Jamf doesn't have connection to it. When I tried to re-enoll there is a error msg that I have to delete a profile with a MDM-Payload.


Can someone help please?


Valued Contributor II

Unfortunately, you can't remove the MDM profile, you will need to wipe and enroll your devices. 

If you have access to the AppleID that was used for the original APNS certificatied, you could try to renew it an replace the new one that you just uploaded. But, not sure that will work.