PowerBI can't read from Jamf API

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I'm trying to set up a dashboard in PowerBI and seem to be hitting a roadblock with the Jamf API call. Specifically, when I go to attempt a call in PowerBI to site/JSSResource/advancedcomputersearches/id/# using JSON, I get:

DataFormat.Error: We found extra characters at the end of JSON input.

The data returns in Postman if I test my API call there, but for whatever reason PowerBI doesn't like it.

If I change the output to XML, some data comes back, but it's just the computer name and ID number, and doesn't include the other fields that I have set up in the Advanced Computer Search (extension attributes) that I'm actually interested in. I do get the column headers though, but they come in as a separate table, but none of the data related to them.

I'm inclined to think it is indeed a PowerBI issue and not a Jamf issue, but I'm curious if anyone was able to get around this if they experienced it either with PowerBI or another tool that leverages API data?
Update 10/21/2020 - using the Jamf Connector beta in PowerBI and everything is working now, at least for us.


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I'm actually running into this issue as well with JSON and PowerBi. Has anyone gotten this working with PowerBi? Our reports were working before upgrading to 10.11 (I think).

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@barefoot , I'm curious, have you tried opening a ticket with Jamf Support? I'm wondering if this is a known issue and am thinking about doing that myself.

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Hi . When i have use the Jamf beta connector, i am able to download the the data, when i use web connector and enter an APi search url with id, i get blank data fields, see diagram https://company jssURL:8443/JSSResource/advancedcomputersearches/id/ Number ?

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You need to transform the data. Notice how the columns to the right say "Table"? That is because they are literally tables of information. If you click "Transform Data" you will see how you can expand those tables to be the actual information. Then you can delete the columns of information that you do not actually need.

Make sense? I can fire up my VM later and take some screenshots if necessary.

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Hi - What level of access required for this API account in Jamf?