Replacing iOS wifi credentials with new config via a profile from Casper

New Contributor

We are provisioning shared iOS devices using the Device Enrollment Program directly into Casper.

In order to get the devices online for enrollment, our techs are authenticating to an enterprise wifi network using their own credentials. The device then checks in with Casper and gets a new Wifi profile. This profile is for the same SSID that was previously configured manually by the tech.

Does anyone know exactly when/how this switches over from manual configuration to the config pushed via the profile? I was hoping it happened right away, but it doesn't appear that way. If I turn Wifi off and then back on, the new config is used. I'm just wondering if there's any other way to force this change, or whether it will potentially switch automatically after a period of time or if the device goes into "sleep" for a while.

Thank you!