Replacing the OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) SMB Stack with Samba3


Does anyone tried this and maybe has a script or package?



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This is meant for the adventurous among us; I don't have the stomach to push something like this into prod. That being said, I've done it, and it solved the biggest issue I've had with SMB since forever: enumerating shares with a large number of files/folders. I'm not clear on why Apple insists upon replacing this with their own.

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@JPDyson Because the open source license that Samba uses was switched in the mid 2000s to the much more restrictive GPLv3 license which in part would stop Apple from locking down their hardware so that if you modify OS X in a way Apple doesn't like OS X won't run. If Apple had included the newer versions of Samba with the GPLv3 license that would legally prevent them from doing that. That is why by the time Snow Leopard came out the version of Samba on it was already 3 years behind and full of bugs and security issues. Apple's only option would have been to continue to use the same old version for now.

It's the same reason why BASH is on version 4 and we are still on version 3.

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^Nailed it. GPL v3 and Apple are completely at loggerheads, so anything open source that uses GPL v3 is getting replaced or left behind. It isn't that Apple isn't a fan of open source, they're not a fan of license agreements that place un-necessary restrictions on them.