10.10.2 updates on MAS but still downloads

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I noticed the MAS shows it's 10.10.2, but when I download it, the AutoDMG 1.5.2 shows it as 10.10.1...
anybody else verify the version?


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Check from a 10.9.x Mac if you can. I'm still getting 10.10.1 from the MAS on my Yosemite Macs, but a Mac running 10.9.5 was able to download 10.10.2 from the MAS.

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I suspect not all of the servers that hold the update have been downloaded yet. As @rtrouton theorized above, perhaps Apple is giving 10.10.2 priority to those machines running Mavericks or earlier. Would assume this will get resolved as the update cascades across all of the servers Apple uses...

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Not that this makes it easier to get the new build, but I've noticed that if the App Store starts downloading a 5.17GB app, it's 10.10.1. If you see 5.18GB, it should be 10.10.2.

Hopefully that will save someone a few gigs of downloading.

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FWIW, I got 10.10.2 here and I have 10.10.2 pre-release installed. (LA, CA)


FWIW: I got the 10.10.1 version from MAS all day yesterday on my 10.10.1 and 10.10.2 boxes but today appear to be getting the 10.10.2 update.

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I had to use a 10.9 VM yesterday to get a 10.10.2 installer from the MAS. Hopefully they've got things sorted out by this point.