Replicating the Switch User from Lock screen

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I am trying to determine a scriptable command that does the same thing Switch User button on the lock screen does but having trouble doing so...
The closest I have is using C/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/ -suspend which replicates the selecting Login Window from Fast User Switching, this works however it still leaves the lock screen behind the new login window, which Switch User from the Lock Screen does not, it means users have to log in twice to get back to the desktop.

If your wondering why...
Basically our AD authenticating WiFi does not manage to reconnect properly after a prolonged sleep (pretty much a bug in Yosemite as far as I can tell), forcing the user back to the Login Window and having them re-enter their credentials successfully reconnects and as they are logging back into the same session everything is still running.
This is an attempt at a temporary fix until something better comes along.