Report of Mail - Configured

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hello Jamf Nation, hope you all are doing great.

We have the following issue, we have more that 600 iPad on our campus, some how an IT user configure a lot of them through apple configurator (yes, we dont have DEP in South America Yet). by mistake a Mail (gmail account) was configure on this profile, and get distributed to all the iPad configured. my question is: do a have a report wish can let me know on wish iPads i have a mail (gmail) account configure, or should i send him one by one, and take a look :-)


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I don't believe there is anyway to report which devices have a certain email address with a smart group.

A work around might be to pushout the exact mail configuration for the email accidentally configured and then pull back that config profile after it is installed on all the devices. That might wipe the email account from all of the devices.