Report on all Packages in Jamf Cloud

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Hi guys,

I'm taking this time to tidy up our Jamf Cloud instance. I remove all the unused Packages we have. It is a real mess.

Any ideas how I can run a report on all the Packages in our Jamf Cloud instance and output for each Package the machines that have it installed on? I can then remove or remediate those that are redundant.

No idea where to start with this.

Keep safe


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There are some apps and scripts out there to help with this. I wish Jamf built something into the product to do this, but we've all been asking for that for years and still nothing yet. But there are a few existing tools to help. Here are a couple I know of, but I'm sure there are others:


Edit: Ok, looking back at what you posted, I may have misunderstood. Are you looking to see what Macs packages have been installed on? Or are you looking to see where packages are being used in things like policies, etc? The links I posted above will help with the latter, but I don't think can do much for the former.
If you were looking to see which Macs had any packages installed from Jamf, the way to do that is with an Advanced Search or Smart Group using the "Packages Installed By Casper" criteria item. You just put the full package name into the field. Or, you can put a partial name in the field, like "Firefox" and then click the (⋯) styled button next to it, and it will show you a list of possible packages to choose from.
Unfortunately this means making either a Search (recommended) or Smart Group from each app/package you want to report on, so its not very convenient. Still, it's something.

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