Require all users to have a password

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I tried searching for this, but was unable to find what I was looking for.

We have quite a few users here (enterprise environment) that have no password on their Macs... and are also administrator users. We obviously would like to rectify this. I have been doing some testing with configuration profiles to require a password, but without luck. I believe I read somewhere that the password requirements coming from the configuration profile does not apply to users with Administrator privileges? Is that correct?

If so, what would be my best options moving forward?

We are in the process of implementing FileVault 2, which I suppose would require the user to create a password before being enabled... but it their another option I could use until then?


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It'll likely require a shell script to troll through DSCL. Certainly do-able, but FV2 may be your saving grace.

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Krypton has a good writeup of pwpolicy:

This will work for admin users as well. This all assumes the users are local users, of course.