Require password after 5 seconds

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Hi all,

I think I may be missing something here however I am looking to enable a screensaver option for our users.

I currently have the Screensaver set to come on after 2 minutes, I have done this as a configuration profile and set the option in "Login Window > Options > Start Screensaver after X of inactivity"

I also have the option enabled under "Passcode > Maximum grace period for device lock" - I have this set to Immediately which means our users have to input their password each time their screensaver comes on.

I now wish to change the option enabled to "Require password after 5 seconds after sleep or screen saver begins" however the option for 5 seconds does appear, I have 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15, and so on.

Can anybody shed some light as to why 5 seconds isn't an option on JSS, but its an option in Mac System Preferences?




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Okay, yeah I was defiantly missing something here.

I've just found the option for 5 seconds under security and privacy which I think seems to work!