Disable Notification Center

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Hi All,

Was wondering what the best way to remote notification centre banners was? We have a few meetings room Mac Mini's and it can randomly pop up during a pitch to large clients letting us know theres an update or if something was un-plugged. When there pitching it looks very unprofessional so I was wondering if we could remotely kill it from doing so? Tried to send a few commands to kill it from Casper Remote but they failed, obviously prefer to do this through Casper rather then going around each one, or even if we can turn on Do No Disturb for 24/7?



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launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/com.apple.notificationcenterui.plist

I believe this command will work until next reboot (or next login). When I ran it, I thought it didn't work as the launchagent will appeared under launchctl list and the GUI icon didn't go grey. However, I didn't get messages and sending a message using Terminal-Notifier, or YO, won't appear until the LaunchAgent is reloaded.

If pushing it through Casper, you may need to run that command as the user. I would likely build a LaunchAgent that runs on login to unload it via script, or you can play with sudo or bsexec.

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I tried this and appeared to do nothing, got this command the other day, interesting though I have no "LaunchAgents" folder! Or I'm being totally stupid!!