Restrict Keyloggers and Other Harmful Processes

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I'm starting to grow my restricted processes list and wanted an open discussion to get more input and build a better list for anyone to be able to use.

Some background: I do work in a university environment with faculty, staff, and lab Macs enrolled... So some things like BitTorrent are not allowed in labs, but are allowed in others areas for "legitimate reasons."

The message that the user receives varies by restriction and each message ends with a statement to contact our support center. Here are some examples: "MacKeeper is not a recommended way to clean or "speedup" your Mac. It can destabilize an otherwise stable Mac."
"A key logger was found to be running on this Mac. It has been shutdown."
"MacProtector is a fake antivirus program that is designed to scare people into thinking that their computers are infected. "

I would love to get other suggestions from people and grow the list or if you have a better way please share. Let me know if you have any questions about the processes.
I have test machines that I'm not afraid to mess up and then image.

Abk (Keylogger)
Black Hole
BPK (Keylogger)
CleanGenius (CrapApp)
CleanMyMac2 (CrapApp)
LimeWire MacBooster (CrapApp)
MacBooster mini (CrapApp)
MacDefender (Virus) (Virus)
MacKeeper (CrapApp) (Virus)
MacScan (Virus) (Virus)
OnyX SearchProtect uTorrent


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You may want to look through this thread:
Big discussion going on there about all the possible items to include in Restricted Software, though I don't think it discusses wording of the dialogs. Still, a good read if you want to see what others are doing.

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Thank you @mm2270