Restrict websites

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I am looking for a way to restrict websites with jamf pro

I have tried the parental control configuration profile, but does only seem to apply for safari, as chrome etc work fine even the configuration profile is there. And with the configuration profile, there also is limited features on how the block should appear

We are using ATP defender, but there blocking does not seem to work unless mac´s are enrolled with Intune

So Do any using some third party script /solution they would like to share ?


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Which AV do you use? Sophos central has the ability to block websites on most broweser and it works on macs

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As you mentioned, Parental Control only applies to Safari. Google Chrome uses the URLBlacklist policy or URLWhitelist to allow only certain sites.

Other than configuration profile to apply these settings you could also script any changes into Chrome's master_preferences file. Have a look at this thread for some great information on how others have gone about configuring Chrome.