Restricted Software Stops Working

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Wondering if anyone has observed this behaviour before I submit a support case. Restricted software has been working OK and is setup correctly, however I have found two clients where for some reason it was no longer restricting the software from running. Only when I made an innocuous change to the 'Restricted Software' configuration on the JSS that the clients then reapplied the management framework and continued to work. Any ideas what could have caused this to happen? I reverted the change and tried again and it continues to work so I am struggling to pin down the cause.

JSS and jamf binary at 9.32


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Restricted software or application restrictions(in configuration profiles)?

im having nothing but problems with configuration profiles to white list only specified applications. and have a ticket in with support about this.

so far the work around is to clone your restriction, make your changes then delete the original (its not as much extra work as you think, but still slightly annoying)

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@ngidzak Restricted Software - it is a difficult one to reproduce as all is working fine since I modified the JSS settings. We should be updating to 9.62 soon so I will keep an eye on it.