Restricting iPads to multiple apps

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We use Jamf at our school district to manage our iPads. I recently had a question asked by teachers that I thought was a good idea. I did some research and did not find an outright answer. They asked if it was possible to restrict an iPad to only certain apps for student use. An example would be put a certain number of apps in a folder and then "lock" the folder so the student could only use "x" number of apps. I am aware of single app mode or "kiosk" use but I was not aware if this was expansive.




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To hide the preset installed apps from Apple, create a Configuration Profile where you will configure the Restrictions > iOS and tvOS Applications. Select what you want to do from the pull-down menu.

Hoping you are using VPP and Device Management for the apps. If so, hide the AppStore and either push the apps or allow installation via Self Service.

If you only need to hide apps temporally, use the Apple Classroom app and then the teachers can lock students into an app.

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I have a similar requirement.

We have an App that is essentially a web browser for iPad Kiosks but when it's in Single App Mode and the user clicks a link it tries to (and cannot) launch Safari so I see two possible solutions.

1: Make the App the default Web Browser so it opens another instance of that App
Does that even work, do I need to use Restrictions rather than Single App Mode?
How do I do this, manually or via Config Profile?

2: Use restrictions to allow both apps to run and (the tricky bit) force Safari to not show to the Address Bar (do I need to make a Web Clip for each link?)