Restricting software via a scope

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Hi Guys,

I have a large organisation coming onto casper and they want to scope software restrictions.

Seems a little odd that we can only restrict software to all macs then make exemptions. They have 2000+ machines in different classroom environments and it would be better to scope restrictions of software without having to all loads of exemptions.

Any ideas. Maybe an MCX?


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Depends what you mean by 'Restricting Software'

Casper is primarily about "Distributing Software", and can control which machines it's distributed to via Policy Scopes.

EG: Install CS on these machines but not those machines…

But if you are referring to restrictions with / and within individual applications - then that's generally an Account based set of restrictions - depending on who you log in as / Your Group membership.

In Which case MCX settings would be the way to go...

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Thanks for your response. Im not sure if I made my question very clear (my bad if I didn't)

What I mean is say for example my design classroom has CS6 on the machines but one of the teachers says "in my 10am class I don't want them using bridge But in the 11am class I don't mind them using bridge"

Restricted software under management does not offer this.

Not sure if I'm getting confused or asking too much of the software.

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That's what I thought you probably meant

So you need an account-based solution to this account based problem
You need to use an MCX-Group restriction policy, with the different classes being members of different groups - and there by picking up different sets of restrictions on login (as part of their group membership policy)

My understanding is that the SETTING of those attributes is outside the scope of Casper. While Casper can distribute MCX settings, you need to use a different mechanism to create those settings.

Usually this would be done on your LDAP Server (Apple Open Directory) or (Windows Active Directory).

I would start by find out about that before looking at other solutions.