restrictions on ios update on ipads

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prevent students/staff from updating too latest ios on ipads



I have a FR in about this in relation to hiding settings for the same reason (that didn't take very well), but a FR to add an option to hide the update software part in settings may go better:

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Yeah, I know the FR even mentions this but if you really want this to happen you should file a feature request with Apple since jamf can't/won't provide an MDM config profile feature that isn't enabled by Apple first.

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I have a request in to apple however I dont have high hopes. Apple prioritizes the end user experience above all else and if they want to update apple wants to allow them.

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I would definitely support this request...I have users that no matter how many times I tell them NOT to update to a new OS, they do it anyways. I don't always have the latest version of Jamf Pro installed so there are times when they update that I cannot manage a new feature or change in iOS.

And, I don't always want someone updating because I, and my team don't always have time to look through the updates so sometimes users who did update come to us about a change and were not familiar with it yet.


@CSCIT then "like" it!

I know miregan is right, and while Apple seems to be slooooowly moving in the direction of allowing reasonable enterprise management of their devices, they pretty much do so kicking and screaming. This is just one of dozens of reasons why I still don't think they are enterprise-ready, despite the supposed movement to allow user choice in the workplace as well as the koolaid (Apple juice?) dispensed at JNUC and elsewhere. NOT allowing enterprise IT to control when/how to upgrade is simply ridiculous.

I was bit by the IOS11 upgrade, not having upgraded to 9.101 (nor intending to right away), and then having app deployment fail on IOS11. Thus, I had to take 2 unplanned days to upgrade JSS, and troubleshoot the 32- vs 64-bit app issue, especially with Google Drive and one very problematic "critical" app that hadn't been upgraded since 2014!


There are supposed to be ways to block the update on your network. However we have never been successful, everytime apple releases an update we have students who update their ipads. Our stance is this....we send out a preventative email stating that iPads may not function correctly, or we may not be able to support them if they are updated. We have to do state testing which relies on iOS version. Therefore they may not be able to take the State test which is required by our state. This usually keeps our teachers diligent on the students updating. However sometimes Apple is tricky about getting you to update your devices as well. Different style of popups. Popups that are not clear in their meaning. Ones that you have to click two times to say No. That is the majority of our issues. People accidentally update due to poor or tricky wording on Apples end. We were also hit by not being up to date in our Jamf instance and had some iPads update to iOS 11 and had one fail and it had to be wiped. I found out that we had to move up a version in order to use iOS 11. Trial and error I guess. Good luck in getting this as a feature. As said above its an Apple thing Not a Jamf thing. Apple will more than likely never go for giving owners more power over users.