Run Unity Hub application as root every time it launches

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Hello everyone,

I have been working on this for a long time now. I am trying to install Unity Hub on iMacs in the labs. The application installs fine, however it crashes every time it launches with a crash report. If I run it from terminal using the below command it works fine. sudo /Applications/Unity Hub

Is there a way to have this command run every time a user launches the application? At the moment this command only works once when the application is first installed. I have added that command to my policy in the files and processes payload. If i script it i think it would be the same issue where it would run only once and not whenever a user double clicks the app to launch it.

Thanks for your help in advance.



Have you verified that the Permissions are correct?

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@claudiogardini yeah here is what i have for my composer permissions..

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Change it to root / wheel instead of root / admin

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@CSCC-JS Thanks for the suggestion i tried that and also changed the permissions to 777 and tried with a pkg and a dmg.