Safari Config Profile - List of Keys?

New Contributor II


I am setting up a small lab that will be open to the public. I want to lock down the browsers as much as possible. Chromium has this nice list of all available keys to use in a mobileconfig, along with example configs.. I cannot find such a list for Safari. I opened in TextWrangler, but all the keys listed just say <key>pfm_name</key> or <key>pfm_default</key>, etc. I found this example config, but surely there are more options than those. I realize I can just upload as a custom payload in a config profile, but that seems to still leave lots of preferences "unlocked", and that also does not seem to include bookmark data.

I also found the Localizable.strings file, which lists many keys, but it isn't very clear about what the data type is for each one. Plus, the list seems to be incomplete (no autofill-related keys, no newtabbehavior, etc.).

Any help is appreciated. If I'm way off and need to pursue a different solution, I'm all ears!