Safari Kiosk Mode Options

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Looking for a potential way to run Safari in single app mode but have it like a kiosk setup where it doesn't cache any history/credentials/etc. This is on iOS for reference. Currently we are remotely wiping the devices nightly to clear out all data but looking for a more streamlined way of not relying on a reset each night.


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@dconklin I think you'll be better served using a dedicated Kiosk app versus Safari in a single app mode configuration. Moki Kiosk is one to try if you don't have a large amount of devices in this configuration as you'll need to pony up for remote management. To get Safari in a kiosk like setup you'll have to resort to a webclip to get rid of the nav bar and other UI elements. Otherwise just running Safari in single app mode won't be much of a kiosk experience unless that's what you're after.

Or stick to nightly resets and use Return to Service to automate the process a little more.