Same settings for all users on mac


Do any know any tool or trick to setup a default setup for users logging into a mac (both mobile users and local users) - so settings is default fx which icons in dock etc, default browser, start page etc


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Configuration Profiles is probably what you want. Greg Neagle did a talk about this at PSU MacAdmins a few years ago. You can also check out other videos discussing the topic here:

Preference Management with Profiles – Greg Neagle:

There's also this book:


Just found for making a master template for the dock icons there is the dockutil software that can be used.
I have downloaded it, but everytime I try to run a command fx

dockutil --add /Applications/

it just reply back "command not found"

Do I miss something - the example is copied should work, and I am running it from the library where dockutil is located

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If the specific directory where the dockutil executable is located isn't in the shell path, then you need to provide the path to the executable.

If you're in the directory where dockutil is located, you could launch it by typing


( The period is a shorthand way of saying "the current directory.")

Otherwise, you would have to specify the full path, such as (example only, I don't know where you have put dockutil on your system:

/Library/Application Support/DockUtil/dockutil


Use a config profile for the homepage for safari and chrome ( as a plist file. For the dock options we just deploy the dock plist as a dmg with FEU and FUT ticked. This gets deployed after enrolment is complete.