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Hi Guys, When our users change passwords (not via nomad) - IT change via AD etc, when a user logs in using the new password on the network, updates keychain password etc and restarts. It still doesn't update the FileVault login. distil apfs updatePre...
Hi Guys, When we re-enrol macs it seems it isn't flushing any of the management history, we have it set to flush all completed/pending/failed commands under re-enrolment. I'd rather not delete from JAMF before re-enrolment as we are re-provisioning v...
Hi Guys, Anyone experienced any issues issuing PUT commands via the API on 10.5? My script works on 10.6 (on our dev instance) but doesn't on 10.5, on the same mac, different macs etc. Not sure what is going on, if there is a bug or not. Alternativel...
Not sure if this is specific to 10.13.4 but when i enrol a mac via DEP it creates the admin account, binds etc but then when logging in to the local admin or an AD account it has Simple finder enabled. How do i prevent this? cheers
Is there a way to bypass single app mode locally on an Apple TV. We have a LOT of devices globally and ideally want an onsite-tech to bypass to amend settings rather than having to go via a JAMF admin...