Scope Policy to LDAP Group in 9.3?

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I know we used to be able to limit a policy to a particular user or group. Of course, this would only work for Self Service. I have a new policy that I am trying to scope out to our Help Desk staff, however, I am not seeing those limitations anymore. We never really used them, so I don't know when they stopped being available. We are running JSS 9.3.
Currently we have Self Service to prompt for a password, but not require it. I have verified that LDAP integration works and I can log in to Self Service using any LDAP user account.
So, does this option not exist in 9.3 anymore?


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I really don't know what changed, but now when I go into the "Limitations" section, LDAP User and LDAP Group are there. They weren't there just a few minutes ago.

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The feature doesn't work as well as it should. A work around by creating extension attributes to display AD information may be more helpful. was a resource I used when looking into this.

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IIRC, you either need to make the policy available via Self Service or with the Login trigger before the the tab for Limiting via LDAP group appears.