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Casper Remote / Apple Remote Desktop / Screen Sharing

I believe all of these options work off the VNC engine if I'm not mistaken. I do a lot of remote work and use RDP heavily on the Windows side. Is there a better solution that other Mac admins are using? The performance for me thus far has been nearly unusable.


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If it's LAN based and there aren't any specific security compliance requirements I still use ARD. It's nice to have lists of macs in the sidebar for quick access.

If it's on the LAN and individual AD auth is needed to remote to a users Mac we would use Casper Remote. We would also use that if we wanted to push something specific in the JSS to a user, like an app of some kind.

If the users are distributed and only accessible via the Internet we like to use LogMeIn Central. It's not too expensive and is fairly good on performance (given that it's running over a slow link). We did use teamviewer (and still do occasionally) but always found it a bit buggy.

Hope this is of some help!

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We use TeamViewer for both Windows and Mac. Great performance and great features.