Screen sharing still asking for permission, even though the JSS User has privileges set to "not ask for permission"...

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For some reason this year, when we go to remote a client machine, it asks the client for permission for us to control the screen. I have verified that the setting is set " Under Accounts >> Edit Account >> "Screen Share with Remote Computers Without Asking." So I am kind of stumped as to why it won't allow us to remote. Kind of annoying if nobody is there to physically click "allow" on the other end you know! Any ideas?




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I noticed the same thing on a couple of my remote clients. Not all of them, for most of them it works without asking but on a couple of them it did ask. Any idea why?

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This has been happening to us since upgrading to Yosemite. Before the upgrade we could screenshare without permission. now it asks permission every time. This is horrible when working remotely as an administrative user then having your connection reset while still logged in as admin. Then you are asking yourself permission to restore the remote session.

Please fix this soon!