Screensaver for logged in user

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Hello Everyone,

We have a screensaver setting for the login window and it works as expected. However, a number of months ago, I attempted to find a way to control the screensaver for a logged in user so it was a DIFFERENT value from the login window. According to the Apple support person I spoke with, the value for the login window will also set the same value for the logged in user, they can't be different.

What we currently have is, the screensaver at the login window starts at 5 minutes and the logged in user screensaver ALSO starts at 5 minutes and we can't change it to a different value.

There must be a way to set the logged in user screensaver to start at let's say 15 minutes, correct? Does anyone have a way to do this that they can share? Thank you.


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Yes, under your config profile for the machine. Login Window > Options > Start Screen Saver After: (Checkbox)