Script for macOS similar to Jamf Reset

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Does anyone have a script for macOS that functions similar to Jamf Reset for iOS? I'd like to be able to run said script on my MBAs to wipe them, and make them unmanaged in Jamf Pro.


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Would it be better to just send a wipe from the management tab of the mac in question and unassign from a prestage and/or unassign from ABM/ASM so it won't re-enroll? 

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@jamf-42 The thread @jamf-42 references is a good start, but did you want to delete the Mac from Jamf Pro or just un-manage it? If you're expecting to re-enroll the device you'd probably want to delete it instead of unmanaging it.

For the erase part, you should take a look at the erase-install script which has the option to call your delete/unmanage script right before erasing the Mac.