Script Help Needed for Unix Executable - Adobe CS Uninstall

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Been reading through a lot of methods for uninstalling Adobe CS6 and I found a neat tool I'd like to use, it works great running locally on clients. Now I'm building a policy that includes a pkg (which dumps the unix executable and xml file into the tmp folder) and I need to call the executable. Thinking its best to build a little script add that calls the executable over adding to the Run command of the policy, but need some scripting guidance!


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Call it with a postinstall script right in the package. Postinstall scripts run as root by default. maybe if you wanna get cute include an “echo” line in your script that gives you a log that your script actually ran.

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Ahhh, never used a postinstall in a pkg, thanks for the tip @blackholemac . Reading up now on how to get that in

## postinstall


exit 0;     ## Success
exit 1;     ## Failure

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Was able to get this functioning using this but the tool doesn't remove CS6.


if [[ ! -e "/Library/Logs/Adobe" ]]; then
    echo "/Library/Logs/Adobe directory does not exist, creating..."
    mkdir -p "/Library/Logs/Adobe"

/private/tmp/AdobeUninstall/AdobeCCUninstaller | /usr/bin/tee "/Library/Logs/Adobe/AdobeUninstallUnauthorizedVersions_$(/bin/date +%F-%H%M%S).log"