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Hi all,

I have a script may i know this script is about getting the latest version for software or security updates? Can I add this is jamf pro? This script is used for big sur or catalina or for both?


Do we have security updates script for bigsur? If yes can you guys plz share it?

Do we have security updates script for Catalina? If yes can you guys plz share it?


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I don't mean to sound rude here but you've asked this same question about 9 times now and have been given multiple possible solutions.

As I had said previously in 3 of those threads, it sounds like you do not have a fundamental understanding of the concepts used in Apple device management and how those are implemented in Jamf products.

Therefore before you ask this same repetitive question another time, you need to bring yourself up to speed using both Jamfs online training videos and the admin documentation.

Then please use the threads you have already started (preferably pick one and stick with it) and keep to it instead of starting a new thread every day. As soon as you post a new comment in your thread, it automatically goes to the top of the board so has visibility.