Search Inventory critera - Wiped non Wiped

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I hope someone have a suggestion how to sovle this in Jamf Pro

I want to have two Search Invetory Groups

1. One that list all Macbooks we have that are managed but never wiped with remote command.

2. All Macbook we have still in Jamf, but they have been wiped with Wipe Computer command = not in use anymore.

The reason for this is that we must keep all computers in Jamf that we have taken out of use, but still remain as proof that we have done a remote wipe on them.


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This seems like a horrible way to keep a record of those. It would be far better to just print off a PDF that it was done and archive that somewhere that can be audited. As the years go by this list is going to be huge and unmanageable depending on the size of your org.

But if you really want to do it this way you could create smart groups. What about the machines that were remote-wiped so they could be redeployed? It's a pretty sweet way to make a machine like new again with almost no work.

We need to have evidence both wipe command, serial number, last user etc. So there will be many pages of PDFs to export. Time-consuming work. The machines that have been wiped will never be used again.

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@Narmijarv You should take a look at the discussion Is there a way to show "Locked" computers in the Dashboard? which shows how to find all devices that had been sent a Lock command, and you can substitute the /JSSResource/computercommands/name/EraseDevice endpoint for /JSSResource/computercommands/name/DeviceLock to gets the list of devices which have had the Erase command sent to them.