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Hello Everyone,

I am struggling a bit with the Security & Privacy settings on our macs. It looks initially if I configure a configuration profile that has anything in the login window or in the Security & Privacy settings, we lock users out of being able to change the Require Password settings for the user of our employee computers. This occurs even when we don't have the require password checkbox checked. Simply having anything in those two settings, Login Window or Security & Privacy will trigger this.

We have some users who want the immediately setting and others want 15 minutes while others want an hour.

Have any you seen this behavior and how have you worked around it? It seems like a flaw that I have to NOT configure the login window settings along with security and privacy just so the user has a little flexibility.


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Hi, I've seen a few config profiles like this that group settings from lots of different plists together in one profile. Applying one bit affects all of them.

We get around it with custom profiles that only target the one plist and setting that we need.

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I too am having this issue. Can you tell me where you find this in the plist? It matters not what I try and set the configuration profile to it, it continually stays greyed out where we cannot choose anything, immediately, 5 minutes, etc.

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Yeah, that particular setting "Require a password x minutes after sleep or screensaver" has been the source of many problems over the last year in relation to Config Profiles, and it being locked out or getting the wrong setting or whatnot. Wish it was more reliable.

That being said, is your organization really OK with allowing users to set that delay to any value they want, even as long as an hour? Seems like a security issue to me, but OK.