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Evening JAMF Nation,

We are currently reviewing Securly for deployment to our fleet of iPads, Macbooks (Airs and Pros), and Chromebooks for our staff and students.

Wondering how other's have deployed to OS X and iOS?

Understand we can push a Configuration Profile for iOS with Securly Cert and PAC URL.

What is the best route to deploy to Macbooks?



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We played with Securly for a few weeks but found it not quite to our liking.

I had created a cron job script that sets the DNS server every 5 or 10 minutes to the securly DNS servers and PAC URL required since students have access to the Networking System Preference they could just change it. This would then switch it back to the proper server. It's been a while, and they are constantly updating (in a good way) Securly, so it may be easier now to set up. But hope that helps.

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Can't help you with the mac setup but we just switched from Smoothwall to Securly for iPads. It's been very smooth so far, and pretty easy. You can't get super nitty gritty (sometimes it was nice seeing the live URL's a specific device was loading so we could troubleshoot a bit better), but overall it's pretty well-liked and has great support. We mostly like that it's tied to the google auth so if we need to audit a specific person we can (didn't have smoothwall auth-ed through AD, though to be fair that's possible, we just use google for everything)

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Just wanted to share we pushed back with Securly and they have created a ProxyPak for both iOS and OS X. With these to features they have gained us as a customer as the ProxyPak for the OS X is a huge benefit. Students cannot remove the policy and no script to mess with. It is also more reliable then the DNS feature when devices are on Hotspots. We deploy Verizon Jetpacks to low income that do not have internet at home and this would have been an issue.