See you around, Jamf Nation!

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My last official day at Jamf is April 13th. The position I was in was phased out and I, sadly, wasn't able to snag anything internally.

I'll still be working with Apple, just as part of an authorized Mac and iOS repair shop so, back to hardware for me which, honestly, is great as I love doing hardware repair (even in the presence of Apple's Ultra Tiny Screws; that's what magnets and long fingernails are for!).

I already have my JN account switched over to a personal e-mail and the login set up so when my AD account at Jamf goes inactive next week I don't get locked out of this account, but as my next stop is a hardware shop that doesn't deal with much admin work or management work, it's likely I won't be terribly active.

It's been fun, but all good things come to an end eventually.

Were Wulff


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I appreciate everything you've done in the jamf community. I started out as an ACMT many moons ago, and jump at any repair I can get my hands on.

Good luck!

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Thanks for all you have done. Good luck and best wishes.

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@were.wulff Amanda, sorry to hear for us, but good news for your next employer.

Your participation here has always been top notch, and well communicated. Your responses never left me questioning the info provided (unlike Don's hahaha jk Don!)

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So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Good luck! And thanks for engaging us on Jamf Nation.

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@were.wulff Best of luck to you on your new gig! I'm sorry you'll be leaving us. Your help here over the last several years has been truly amazing and very much appreciated.

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Thank you for all your help over the years!!! Many times your posts have made my job easier!!!


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Sad to see a valued person move on. Wishing you the best of success!

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you will be missed - good luck in your future endeavors :)

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I can't believe this! You've helped me far too many times. Thank you so much for your willingness to help and your kindness throughout every interaction. Your level of expertise is profound and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of the knowledge you've shared not just with me but all throughout Jamf Nation. Best wishes for you in what's next!

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Community Manager

@were.wulff sat directly across from me when I started here at Jamf, and was my first Support Specialist--basically the person who would help guide my support cases in the right direction and help out with some of the more complicated issues. It's safe to say that with out her I wouldn't know what I know today or be where I am.

Thank you for everything, @were.wulff! You will be missed here at Jamf!

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Thanks, @were.wulff you have been invaluable. I know what you mean about hardware. It's a whole lot of fun... until it isn't. MY best to you and many thanks. Hope to hear more from you soon!

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Inhumanly tiny screws (it's like Apple doesn't want you to take apart an iPhone) and overly complicated tear-downs aside, the only thing I genuinely dislike about doing hardware repair that's focused mainly on consumers and not on business/school accounts is when something comes in that you immediately know isn't worth fixing and having to try to deliver that news without getting shouted at or try to convince them not to even spend the money to have it diagnosed because you know it's not worth fixing if they don't have AppleCare+ on it.

Though, I've been in support or repair positions for so long that, when the shouting starts, I generally tune out until they're done venting about the situation and jump right into what possible next steps are because, well, we both know shouting at the person who had to diagnose the failures and write up the estimate isn't going to make it magically become free. ;)

One thing I did not miss about hardware repair, however: Finding nail clippings inside of a computer. Even better when it came in for 'the fan rattles'.
They'll do that if you somehow get your nail clippings in there.

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So sorry to hear you're leaving @were.wulff! You did a great job over the years giving helpful advice and information here on Jamf Nation. You will definitely be missed. Take care and good luck in your new endeavors!

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@were.wulff You know, once you get good you could swap back over to brain surgery. Some of the phones seem to be getting as easy to sort out, internally!