Seeing Currently Available Updates in version 9?

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With our upgrade to 9, I find myself searching for the list of currently available software updates that used to be available under Logs in version 8.

Anyone know of a viable replacement that they're already using before I look towards re-building the wheel?


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Do you mean the list of updates available for each client? That should be located on the first tab of the inventory page for a particular machine, under the Software Updates heading.

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laurendc is referring to the global Logs function that existed in version 8.x and prior that let you see an overall view across all managed clients which updates were needed and a total count of each one.
Since moving to version 9 JAMF removed the entire Logs section of the JSS, and this capability among others was a casualty of that change. While you can still see them per machine, that is nowhere near the same as being able to get a birds eye view of available updates. There were other items in the Logs tab that also can't be done now, like seeing a global list of accounts on systems, and some other stuff.

Unfortunately, I don't see any viable way to recreate this functionality if JAMF doesn't bring it back. I suspect the JSS was doing a bunch of table joining or other MySQL manipulations to present those views, which you can't recreate without perhaps doing it from the MySQL command line.

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vote up if you haven't already.

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@CasperSally - thanks for the reminder on the FR. I'd completely forgotten that this was labeled as Planned, so there is some hope! Planned is much better than Under Review, so seems like it will make its way back at some point.

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Currently, the best way I know of to get a list of all SWUs (without counts, which I miss terribly) is to start an advanced search, go into Criteria and add "Available SWUs" then click the "..." next to it. That will list every SWU available to at least one system.

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@CasperSally thanks for that - hopefully we see it soon! Thanks everyone for the responses.

Not sure if anyone else is interested but for reporting purposes, I have this extension attribute for seeing if a computer needs an update that requires a OS or security patch. It was originally made for tracking these types of patches in a easily viewable report accessible to all technicians. It might possibly work as a substitute for those who have similar needs and miss the Logs? I'm sure it could be improved but it has been doing the job for seeing which OS or security patches a Mac needs in a saved search.

RESTART_UPDATES=`/usr/sbin/softwareupdate --list | /usr/bin/awk '/restart/ && !/EFI/ && !/SMC/ && !/Firmware/ { print $1,$2,$3,$4 }'`

/bin/echo "<result>"$RESTART_UPDATES"</result>"

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If you'd like to see the number of SWUs at a glance, you can add the SWU field to your inventory, and then sort it like so... (hopefully an image is attached).

Gear icon (top right) > Inventory Display > Operating System tab > check Number of Available Updates54e1764e6efd4ea0ab7dfc2f7eab04da