Self Service Cannot install item.

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Self Service is returning a very unhelpful error when trying to install FileMaker 16.0.3 update pkg.

it just says there was a problem and to contract your administrator. I am the administrator...

This is a brand new iMac. Just turned it on an hour ago and all that I did was install High Sierra, and the QuickAdd.pkg. How do I troubleshoot where the issue is?


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@zaphod42 - if you look at the policy logs on the JSS, it should show you more info on the failure - package missing, could not mount the distribution point, etc.

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You can look at the logs in the JSS to see more information on the error. Either go to Computers>[find device]>History>Policy History or Computers>Policies>[find policy]>Logs.

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Here's what the log says... It's just a standard pkg to update the application. It works fine if I install it manually.

Installing FileMaker Pro Updates.pkg...
Installation failed. The installer reported: installer: Package name is FileMaker Pro Updates<br/>installer: Installing at base path /<br/>installer: The install failed (The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.)

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@zaphod42 If you install manually are you installing it as the logged in user or as the root user? Try installing through Casper as the logged in user instead of root.

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Check to see if the application is running. I've seen failures like this if the app thats requires updates is open.

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Another thing to check is to make sure that there is an "MDM Capable User". Without that, the installation will fail everytime. You can see if there is a user shown by going to the computers page and checking that field. Hope this helps!