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I have a policy available in self service for staff members to install MacOS updates. Since the policy reboots their computer I have set a description warning them to save all work before running and ticked the "Ensure that users view the description" option.

I have noticed though that the description is only shown the first time the person runs the policy. Because it's for updates I have set the frequency to ongoing, in other works they can check for updates however often they like.

To me this isn't expected behaviour, I need that warning to be shown every time because it's important. It seems as though for any given policy JAMF is written to only force the description dialogue the first time though.

If I flush the policy then the warning will re-appear but as far as I know a single policy still can't be flushed from the binary so I can't add that to the updates script.

Am I doing something wrong here or should I put this in as a feature request? :(




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Same issue

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I fear this is a feature, so you will need to file a feature request.


Right I'll put it in as a request (I won't be holding my breath though!)



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Hi Ian - I confirmed you are running into unattended behavior with this one. If your policy is set to ongoing it should enforce the description dialogue each time an end-user executes the policy. I added a comment in your Forced Self Service Descriptions Should Show Every Time Feature Request.

We can reference this PI as: PI-009390

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Hi Ian, I've just stumbled upon this thread when I was troubleshooting why I wasn't forced to read the description of a deployment although I checked the option. Unfortunately the feature request is set to "Not Likely to Implement". 
Here is a working link: