Self Service, download problem.

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I am trying to download a package, and the download fails. Self Service has encountered a problem. Quit and re-open Self Service to try again. I have quit and reopened this multiple times with no luck. We are running JSS 9.82. Any help will be great thanks.


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Hi KIrk,
Does your version of self service match the version of your JSS?
How are you installing Self Service, automatically or manually?
What have you tried so far for troubleshooting?
Have you tried deleting the App and reinstalling it?
Are you getting any errors in your logs either policy logs or on the machine in the jamf.log?
That might give you a clue to the problem.
Does this same policy work in self service on other computers?


Did you check the logs of the Package Policy?
Can you browse to the Casper DP from the machine?
as Sandy mentioned, open Terminal > cd /var/log > check jamf.log or check the log from Console